The Mind learns.

The Body experiences.

Spirit Celebrates!


Our services are geared for those who align with or are willing to explore the following statements: I am not the mind, ego nor the body. I am Spirit having a physical experience.

Inner Presence is here to assists those who are ready to embrace deeper parts of themselves, living in harmony and celebration with humanity. 

If the above resonates with your Heart, you are invited to experience our work

"Meditation feeds the body your Divine Essence while the mind finds its way home. Allowing your-self to take command of your focus will assist the mind to follow your lead.  On a Heart base meditation mind control is no longer needed."
                                                                             -William Peña
Sunrise at Yellow Stone National Park | Photo by Marilu Wilson

Sunrise at Yellow Stone National Park | Photo by Marilu Wilson


Dancing with your guidance while enjoying life!

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View from Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona | Photo by Marilu Wilson


Feel free to explore the possibilities.  

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